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Match Made in Final Cut Pro - 2005-09-30
Planning weddings is hard enough, but how about one that features $50,000 animatronic puppets? The culmination of a 10-year engagement, Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” is a revolutionary marriage of stop motion animation, digital photography and digital editing. Details >>

Picture Perfect - 2005-09-30
When you’re photographing a detailed, hand-built home fashion set for Neiman Marcus, every pixel counts. That’s why Viewpoint Studios chose Apple when they recently decided to transform their traditional film-based workflow to one that’s fully digital. Details >>

“Tiny iPod Nano bursts with impressive features” - 2005-09-29
Edward C. Baig reviews the iPod nano for USA Today, giving it four out of four stars and writing, “...for all of the Nano’s sizzle, I wanted to spend meaningful time with the device before weighing in with a review. I wanted to make sure the Nano’s beauty was more than skin deep. It is.” Details >>


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